Speed up your billing process and improve compliance and collections.

TAP allows healthcare providers to access and update patient charge information at the point-of-care via personal digital assistants (PDAs) and the Web. Traditional billing forms are converted into the PDA equivalent and providers simply enter the patient information into the handheld devices and synchronize the information back into the system. If a charge is entered incorrectly, physicians are notified to correct the error.
    Because of TAPís timely feedback on coding errors, it educates providers, thus improving coding habits and eliminating unnecessary paperwork. Business managers are finally able to understand the billing process and apply appropriate controls where the system is failing. The result is faster and more effective billing that complies with payor guidelines, enabling providers to increase claims and provide more accurate invoices. TAP is a fully developed,
proven and secure product that can be easily customized to work with your existing system and meet your specific charge management needs.

What if you could incorporate a proven solution into your practices?

TAP was originally co-developed with the Johns Hopkins Physicians, customized with input from their billing staff, administrative staff and faculty. The results were a streamlined charge-capture process that increased collections, improved operations, educated providers and spurred discussion of their billing processes.
Having a choice between using a PDA or the Web to record charges enabled wide acceptance among providers, and the feedback mechanism is helping educate providers on current charge recording and compliance issues.