Our Methods Make IT Happen

Count on a successful project, beginning with how we build your technology.

At Salar, improving your processes and business effectiveness is not just rhetoric we use to sell our products. It’s the approach with which we run our company, develop technology and deliver our services. And to ensure that you receive what we promise, we have formulated the Salar Best Practices Software Development Methodology — a proven, CMM®-compliant approach designed to:
  • Guarantee no surprises
  • Assure flexibility, adaptability and responsiveness with every project
  • Solidify the transfer of information from client need to product specification and implementation
  • Facilitate technical and managerial decisions
  • Reduce risk by controlling the cost, size and complexity of your solution
  • Execute your projects efficiently, without having to reinvent the wheel with each new project
We apply this development methodology to everything we do and, as a result, have quickly and cost-effectively produced immediate results for our clients upon implementation. Because our methods are proven and designed to enhance both the process and results of solutions development, you can also be confident that:
  • Our estimates will line up with our results
  • You will be involved in every step of your project
  • Your product will do what you need it to do
  • We’ll deliver on all your most complex information, mobile and content-centric technology needs

What if you could count on your technology project executing like clockwork?

A cost-efficient, smoothly implemented technology project is as important to us as it is to you. For you, that means solutions are delivered on time, on budget and that they perform as you expect. For us, it means we’re able to focus more intently on your needs, planning how we’ll succeed,
anticipating the unexpected and, ultimately, delivering superior solutions. By having a formal, documented way to manage our internal development practices, Salar takes the guesswork out of solutions, which takes the guesswork out of managing our bottom line. You won’t be left worrying about the success of your project
     Using our proven development methodology in conjunction with our proprietary knowledge base, you're assured of a flexible, robust, well integrated solution that's not only delivered on time, but also works as planned from the original delivery date and on into the future.