March, 2003. Salar deploys it's Mobile Health Portal solution to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

The Mobile Health Portal and the underlying Salar Mobile Content Engine are being used to facilitate the rapid deployment of the UPMC Physician Portal to PalmOS and PocketPC devices. Now UPMC Health System Providers have access to critical enterprise scheduling, directory, formulary and patient information at their fingertips. This information is expected to reach the hands of over 4,000 UPMC Providers in 2004.

Salarís Todd Johnson joins G1440 in panel discussion on uses of PDAs in healthcare

Todd Johnson, President of Salar, Inc. will discuss the different PDA applications developed for The Johns Hopkins Medical Institute and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center on October 8, 2002 at 3 PM at the University of Maryland PDA Fair. Johnson will discuss the how handheld devices can improve the efficiency of patient care and help reduce medical errors. The PDA Fair, funded by the National Library of Medicine at the University of Maryland, is being held to raise awareness about hardware and software applications, and to highlight the value that mobile computing brings to teaching, learning and clinical care.

September 2, 2002. Salar featured in Washington Post article on new companies

In today's "WashTech" section of the Washington Post, Salar is featured as one of the Baltimore-Washington region's newest companies. The profile includes a brief history of the company and it's plans for the future.

March 3, 2002. The Antibiotic Guide is "the best all-around infectious disease reference for the Palm platform."

According to ectopicbrain, a web site designed to "serve as a starting point for physicians who are interested in exploring the potential of the Palm handheld." Version 2.0 of the Antibiotic Guide, released in mid-February, featured: Automatic updates during Hotsync, Faster updates, Spectrum of Activity, Automatic upgrades of application during Hotsync, Support for downloading to a Mac, Wireless updates for wireless devices, Color Support for color devices, Support for moving the data to a memory card in devices that support VFS.

February 5, 2002. Salar engineers achieve DES encryption on Palm devices for Patient Information

Salar engineer, Gabriel Weisz, recently completed work on DES encryption for the Palm device. Overcoming memory and CPU speed limitations the new encryption implementation works in real-time with no noticeable performance impact. "Encryption algorithms pose a unique challenge to the Palm development community due to low memory availability and slow processors. Overcoming these barriers has been exciting for me and my team." Physicians using the device for medical records can be assured that only they have access to critical patient information.