Enterprise Health Portal — Mobile

Increase provider satisfaction and patient confidence with a health system communications suite.

The Enterprise Health Portal — Mobile (EHPM) is a customized communication suite that provides community health systems with essential capabilities such as real-time access to an on-call scheduling center, care provider directory, patient census information, notification system and more through the Web and handheld wireless devices or cell phones. Now, a healthcare provider can quickly determine which other doctors within the system have seen a particular patient so they can contact them for information or records, if needed. And if a patient needs to see a specialist, the provider can easily locate
one within the system to refer the patient to. As a result, the EHPM improves the quality of care and ensures patients better, more consistent care because their providers have better access to enterprise information.
    The EHPM enables immediate access to your enterprise system via wireless devices and, together with our Clinical Portal, provides a powerful end-to-end communications solution for enterprise healthcare providers.
    The EHPM is built around the Salar Mobile Content Engine, a state-of-the-art information delivery and update system designed to work with PalmOS, PocketPC and RIM Blackberry devices as well as with phone technologies, such as BREW and WAP. The Mobile Content Engine facilitates the rapid deployment and development of secure handheld applications to improve and streamline healthcare processes and increase revenue.

What if you could efficiently deliver information to where it matters most?

The UPMC Mobile Edition is currently being developed at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. It’s built on the EHPM Framework and the Salar Mobile Content Engine, a universal synchronization technology that can accommodate a wide variety of handheld devices