Custom Solutions

Raise the question, then raise the bar

In every healthcare organization there is some way that processes or technology can be improved to deliver better care and greater revenue. You’ve probably asked yourself “What if…?” at some point. What if healthcare providers could access information when and where they need it most? What if there were a more effective way to manage information across all the various systems and facilities in your organization? What if you could save your providers time by improving your operations? These and other business questions can be addressed quickly and affordably by Salar so you can raise the bar within your organization.

Every healthcare entity has different needs, whether you’re a hospital, clinic, lab or research organization. Your “What if?” is unique and is key to streamlining processes,
aiding productivity, improving care and generating revenue. Whether the answer is systems integration, database design, mobile applications or client/server applications, Salar can provide a solution that works through our extensive knowledge of software engineering for the healthcare industry.

What if anything were possible?

Just because a solution doesn’t currently exist, doesn’t mean it can’t. In fact, anything is possible. Like the handheld, wireless Antibiotic Guide ( Salar produced for Johns Hopkins that provides expert, concise and timely information about the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. Or the database application Salar developed for the Atlantic Cardiology Patient Outcomes Research Team to manage multiple studies at different facilities,