Clinical Portal

Increase physician productivity with a concise clinical snapshot of patients.

The Clinical Portal gives healthcare providers a comprehensive, real-time view of clinical data from various healthcare applications in a single interface. Now everything a provider needs to know about a patient is easily viewed ó from history and demographics to lab results and diagnoses. You can also track the progress of a patient as he/she moves through the system and receive immediate notification about lab results, radiology results and other essential clinical information, based upon your needs.
    By using the Clinical Portal, physicians, technicians and other care providers are able to speed up their processes and communicate more effectively, because all their vari-
ous systems are now integrated. The Clinical Portal not only saves time, it also improves care by allowing providers to view all their patient data at a glance, enabling them to make more timely and informed decisions. Plus administrators and CIOs are now able to make maximum use of your investment in existing technologies by bringing them together in one, easy-to-manage, information-rich system.
    Using the cutting-edge technologies of XML/XSL, CCOW, J2EE or Microsoft .NET and the Microsoft Digital Dashboard, functionality can be rapidly deployed to customize the system to your precise needs and processes. Core functionalities such as security, patient selection, demographics, clinical messaging and more allow new applications to inherit their functionality to maximize application and code reuse.

What if you could save time and deliver more proactive patient care?

The Clinical Portal is currently in use at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. Providers are saving time and eliminating the chance of error because they no longer have to log into multiple systems to get a concise view of a patientís progress. Plus, the enterprise notification system is alerting them immediately of critical and abnormal test